Liana Stone - That Blessed Curse

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When I’m asleep I remember things
That my eyes have never seen
I find myself stumbling into memories
that don’t belong to me
My mom handed me some stuff that her mom handed her
Eve passed down a thousand blessings
And that Blessed Curse

... ..

You know that I will long for you forever
Cause my heart remembers seeing things
That my eyes could swear they never saw
I will long for you forever
Cause my heart’s recalling images
That my eyes could swear they never saw…

... ..

Didn’t we walk hand in hand in a garden on a sunny day?
I’m sure the sun never hid her pretty face
When things were that way
Oh just a billion years ago OR SO
(foundational, some would say)
But who really knows the number of the days in this case?

Irrelevant, in this case. Irrelevant. In this case
I’d say what matters here most
Is that you and I were once close
Unashamed we went
Did we even know what hiding meant?

... ..

I tell you a tree never took so much from me
And fruit never hurt me since
But maybe a man can never understand love
Until he knows (and hates)

... ..

But now the sun hides her pretty face from me
And I tend to hide mine from you
And every son learns instinctively to hide his little eyes too
This is how things have changed!
Innocence discovered shame.

... ..

Eve passed down a thousand blessings
And that Blessed Curse


from When the Morning Comes (Music for Libya), released April 5, 2011
Written by Liana Stone

This track was donated by the artist for the Music for Libya project. To say thank you, please visit their website links and tell them thanks.

You can do this by posting a comment on their Facebook page, sharing their links with your friends, as well as by purchasing other great songs from their catalog.

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